Seasonal Guidelines

2019 Seasonal Camper Guidelines

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In an effort to provide our campers with a safe and enjoyable stay at Ontario Shores, we have instituted these rules. They are not meant to be restrictive but will ensure that everyone has a pleasant camping experience. Please remember if in doubt with anything, check with the office.   


Only one family is allowed per campsite. A family is defined as 2 adults and their unmarried children, 25 and under, who are still living at home. There may be circumstances that do not fit this precise definition and the management will work with anyone on a case-by-case basis to resolve special situations.

  • Max of 2 vehicles per site. Parking on empty lots or neighbors’ lots at any time is not allowed.
  • Site holders assume the responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of their personal property as well as any damage not resulting from acts or omissions of Ontario Shores Management.
  • Please be respectful of your neighbors and observe quiet hours from 11pm to 8am. No operating of lawn maintenance equipment before 9:00am.
  • No walking through, driving or parking on someone else’s site. Please use the road or parking lot.
  • Boats and recreational trailers are not to be parked on site. Please park in designated areas.
  • No boats, canoes, or swimming allowed in the pond.
  • Each site will be given 2 gate cards that only the Lessee and family on the lease will be allowed to use. Each card will require a $5 cash deposit at the beginning of the season that can be refunded, at season’s end, if the card is returned. Any cards not returned from the last year will be reactivated when site is fully paid. Each vehicle that has a card is required to also have a sticker on its windshield. If you are a 3-vehicle household, have a sticker placed on the 2 vehicles that are most often in the park. A hang tag and code will be given to all children not using parents’ vehicle.
  • Gate cards will not be activated and electric will not be turned on until seasonal site fee is paid in full.
  • Management reserves the right to evict, without prior notice, anyone who fails to obey posted signs, these rules or who, in our opinion, is creating a disturbance or being a nuisance. NO REFUNDS.
  • If there is an emergency, please call us right after you call 911.

 Your Campsite

Site maintenance will be the responsibility of the seasonal site holder. Management reserves the right (and at its sole discretion) to maintain unsightly or overgrown campsites, to remedy potential hazards or defects, and to charge the seasonal site holder a suitable fee. Lawns may be mowed and trimmed by management for a fee.

  • Check with office before you dig or drive stakes, cut tree limbs, add items or alter site in anyway.
  • Your water needs to be turned off when you leave the park for an extended period of time.
  • No structures will be placed closer than 2ft from the site lot line (gazebos, fireplaces, sheds, etc.).
  • After park inspection, management reserves the right to ask lessees to remove, fix, or repair anything that does not follow park rules or is deemed not in the best interest of the campground. Lessees will be given an appropriate time to comply with the verbal or written request.
  • Outside refrigerators or freezers of any size are not allowed.
  • Concrete pads and additions are to be installed by management.
  • Renting or subleasing of RV or site is not allowed. We are renting the space to you.
  • Fences of any kind are not allowed.  
  • Leaves need to be bagged and left by side of road to be picked up.
  • Due to privacy issues security cameras, in an RV or anywhere on a site, can only be pointed 5 feet in front of the RV door. No cameras can be pointing in any other direction or area.
  • Clotheslines are not permitted (portable drying racks are acceptable)
  • RV washing is limited to 2 times per season.
  • One detached store-bought screen room/gazebo per site. (10 x 12 max) Needs placement approval.
  • One store bought grill gazebo per site. (5 x 8 max.)
  • You are required to post your site number, so it is visible from the front of your site, for 911 purposes.

 Patios and platforms must be made of weather resistant materials (brick, or treated lumber). Pallets or flake-board are not allowed. Office approval is required. All concrete patios are to be installed by Ontario Shores. Unsightly or potentially dangerous structures will be designated for removal or repair.  New or used wooden structures of any kind are not allowed.  Existing structures cannot be moved, altered, added to or enclosed. All patio covers and 3 season rooms have to be purchased by Ontario Shores and need to be installed by Ontario Shores or an authorized contractor.  Please contact the office if you want to make any alterations on or to your site.

  • RV skirting- only materials allowed are vinyl lattice or vinyl manufactured RV skirting. No wood, blocks, or bricks, etc.
  • Storage sheds will be metal or heavy-duty plastic, no larger than 50sq. ft. in floor plan. One shed allowed per site and needs to be on a pressure treated wood base. Shed placement to be approved by management.
  • Tents- allowed on site with management permission. (small 2-man tent). Tents are to be taken down when seasonal camper is not present.
  • Paper Lanterns are not allowed to be lit in the campground. (Too Dangerous)


  • Parents and guardians are responsible for the actions of their children.
  • Children who do not follow the rules or who, in the opinion of management, are a bad influence on other children will be banned from all common recreation areas in the park and face possible eviction.
  • Any child under 9 years old must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  • Playground hours: 9:00am till 10:00pm
  • Children of any age are not permitted to use their family campsite when the lessee is absent.
  • Bicycles operated after dark must have Head-lights.
  • Operating a bicycle in an unsafe manor is not allowed.
  • Curfew is 10:00pm, all children are to be on a site and accompanied by an adult.


  • All visitors Must register at the office Before they enter the park. All guests are required to have a car pass.
  • 10 free guest passes will be given upon full payment of rent. Each pass will admit 1 vehicle for 1 day (9:00 am-9:00pm) or 1 overnight guest. 
  • Notify office in advance if you plan on having a guest after office hours or a delivery anytime.
  • There will be charges for all guests on major holiday weekends-no guest passes allowed.
  • Seasonal campers will be held totally responsible for the actions of their guests.
  • Visitors may NOT bring pets into the campground.
  • Visitors will not be allowed into the park when the seasonal camper is not in residence.
  • Visitor fees: $3.00 a day and $5.00 a night per adult. (Children from infant to 18 are free).

Motor Vehicles

  • Campground speed is 5mph
  • Unlicensed drivers are not permitted to operate any motor vehicle on the property.
  • No joy riding in the park. Joy riding is defined as any trip other than to and from your site. Violators will be ejected.
  • Use of non-licensed motorized vehicles on the property is strictly prohibited (i.e. mini-bikes, golf-carts, riding lawn mowers, mopeds, etc.).
  • Vehicles with noisy exhaust systems will not be allowed in the park.
  • Motor bikes please drive to and from campsite only.
  • Mopeds/scooters must be licensed for the road and operated by a licensed driver and must operate quietly.
  • No drones allow in or above property.


  • We welcome pets at our park; however, there is a limit of 2 dogs per site.
  • Do not leave your pet unattended at your campsite.
  • Dogs MUST be on a leash at all times.
  • You must clean up after your pet.
  • Rabies records must be up to date and on file at the office.
  • No loud barking or unruly behavior will be tolerated.
  • Remember visitors cannot have pets.
  • Management reserves the right to remove or ban any pet from the park at their discretion.

Refuse & Recyclables

  • Bring all garbage & recyclables to dumpsters
  • Please observe the posted rules.
  • Please no plastic bags in recycle bins.
  • Bag all leaves and place by the road in front of your site.
  • Ashes are not to be put in dumpsters. Please place cooled ashes in a bag by the front of your site and notify the office so we can pick them up.


  • All fires must be in fireplaces.
  • No cooking oil, gas, diesel, or any other accelerates. Only use store- bought fire starters (lighter fluid, etc.)
  • Do not dump any waste into fireplace.
  • Fireplaces and their placement need to be approved by management.
  • All wood is to be neatly stacked.
  • No burning of pallets, furniture, or plastics.
  • Glass bottles and campfires are not allowed on the beach.


Beach and Pool

A lifeguard or other responsible person does not supervise the swimming facilities at Ontario Shores RV Park. In place of on-site supervision, this facility has established a series of safeguards to be followed by all guests. Please read the safety rules outlined below and located at the entrance of the facility. If you have any questions, we will be happy to discuss them with you.

We are required to notify you of these rules, to ensure that water rescue equipment is at the pool or beachside and that the swimming area is maintained in a sanitary manner. If you notice any problem with the water quality or absence of water rescue equipment, please notify us at once. Safety is a joint responsibility. Your safety is important to us.

Pool and Beach rules are posted and will be strictly enforced.


  • Never swim alone; a minimum of (2) adults 18 years of age or older, must be present whenever the swimming facilities are in use, with at least one adult on the pool deck or beachfront.
  • There is no substitute for adequate supervision. Children under 16 years of age MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Non-swimmers are not allowed past the rope in the pool, regardless of whether they are wearing a swimming device or under adult supervision.
  • Don’t drink alcohol and swim.
  • No pets are allowed inside pool enclosure.
  • Only registered guests may use the swimming facilities.
  • No toys in the pool; life-jackets, swim arm bands, and baby safety rings are allowed.
  • In an emergency, notify the facility operator and contact help immediately. A free phone is located in the office; dial 911.
  • Only use this facility during posted hours of operation.
  • Absolutely no running, pushing, diving, or horse-play in the pool area.
  • Management has the right to remove anyone from pool area not following rules or disturbing other bathers.


  • Propane for primary tanks can be purchased at the park office.
  • All secondary propane tanks need to be purchased through Glider Oil Co. Inc. Please contact office before setting up an account with Glider due to scheduling and placement of tank.
  • If your RV is removed in the winter, a secondary tank will not be allowed by Glider or our management.


  • Each site has its own electric meter.
  • A $75 electric security deposit is required for any new customers.
  • Meters will be read and you will be billed 3 times during the season. Due 7/7, 9/2, 11/1
  • There is a $15.00 minimum charge for each billing period.
  • Bills must be paid within 30 days of billing or service will be terminated.
  • For your convenience, a deposit may be left with the office for automatic payment.

Sale or Transfer

  • No “For Sale” signs are allowed on site except in RV window.
  • The sale or transfer of a RV does not include the site unless lessee has prior permission from the management. All transactions for the sale of the RV on the site must be done at the office with management present; otherwise, the RV will not be allowed to stay in the park. Lessee will be required to pay a 5% Transfer Fee to management based upon the sale price of the RV, if it is sold on site.
  • RV’s older than 15 years will not be allowed in or transferred from a seasonal site or to a new owner.  (older than 2004)
  • When purchasing a new RV contact the office first. It is necessary to make sure the site accommodates the RV and delivery is set up with office.
  • 12’ wide park models (peaked roof and vinyl siding) 15 years or older that are in the park may not be sold on site or transferred to another site without management approval.
  • No site refunds will be given during a camping season.
  • Seasonal campers not returning the following year must have RV, all additions, and personal property removed from the premises by October 13, 2019. If not, and management has to remove and clean site, Lessee will be responsible for all expenses incurred.
  • If your RV remains on the site after October 13, 2019, Ontario Shores assumes the site is occupied and full payment of Winter Site Fee is required of $250, if it is not paid by December 1, 2019, there will be a $20 late fee added per month.
  • If you are returning for the 2020 season, a $200 deposit to hold your site is required by

 September 7, 2019. 

  • Refunds of deposit will only be given if management is notified that you are not returning before January 1st, 2020.
  • Management has the right to remove your RV from the site and charge a daily storage fee. The Lessee will be responsible for all expenses incurred.
  • New Seasonals are to pay a $200 deposit towards the site fee, and the balance within 2 weeks.

 Winter Site Fee Due by October 13, 2019

As time passes rules are subject to be added, deleted, and modified. Please check with the office throughout the season for the most updated copy. Thank you for choosing us for your camping experience.